Employment Opportunities

St. Croix Emergency Medical Service accept applications for paramedics and EMTs on an on-going basis. Once an opening is available we will contact those that have submitted applications.

SCEMS in Ad Campaign

EMS Manager is an online employee scheduling and personnel management system. The company has included SCEMS employees in their recent advertising campaign.

City to Sell St. Croix EMS

Hudson Hospital has entered into an agreement with the City of Hudson to purchase St. Croix EMS & Rescue. Please review the TERM document for more information.

Proudly Serving Communities in Western St. Croix County

City of Hudson, Village of North Hudson, Hudson, Troy and Warren Townships

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Brain Injury Study

St. Croix EMS & Rescue has been participating in a national study to determine if a medication called transexamic acid (TXA) can improve outcomes for patients who experience a traumatic brain injury since 2014. The study is testing if this medication can help

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