Over forty-five years ago the St. Croix Emergency Service began running medical services in the Hudson, WI area.

Since that time, St. Croix EMS has touched the lives of thousands of its citizens. Our intervention has ranged from massive cardiac and trauma resuscitation efforts to public education through our school children.

St. Croix EMS’s commitment to excellence in Emergency Medical Services is an ongoing and evolving process. In the early days of EMS, an emergency care provider’s sole responsibilities were to stop bleeding and drive an improvised Cadillac ambulance (equipped with little or no life saving devices) to the hospital.

Presently, Emergency Medical Services have become an extension of hospital emergency rooms, arriving at your doorstep with the most advanced technological life saving equipment and skillfully trained professionals available. In a matter of speaking, by dialing 911, instead of driving to the emergency room, St. Croix EMS brings the emergency room to you. By integrating full-time Paramedics along with our dedicated stipend EMT and Rescue staff, St. Croix EMS is able to deliver the most up-to-date pre-hospital medical and rescue care to our citizens and visitors. When a call is received, a full-time Paramedic responds immediately in a quick response vehicle. The Paramedic is able to arrive on the scene, assess the incident and render treatment. The EMT’s follow-up to provide additional treatment and transport. This two phase response allows us to utilize our resources in an efficient and timely manner.

St. Croix EMS, unlike most other Emergency Medical Services, specializes in technical rescue operations. We train for high angle rope rescues, dive team operations, vehicle extrication, swiftwater rescue and other highly technical rescues. This has its advantages by allowing EMS to have a direct impact on how medical care is provided in lengthy rescue functions. St. Croix EMS is a leader in the area for such dive rescue/recovery operations; it is not uncommon for other departments to request training from one of our highly trained personnel. The working relationship between all agencies in the area is unsurpassable and very effective in providing the high level of care that St. Croix EMS has guaranteed.

The St. Croix EMS Department will continue advance to meet the demands of our areas growth and development. We are excited about the future as we are proud of our past. We will continue to protect and serve, respond without boundaries or prejudice and aid those in need with dignity and respect. The future will undoubtedly reveal that same commitment to excellence that has been a St. Croix EMS standard, a standard that all others will pursue.

Our fleet includes 2 Paramedic quick response vehicles, three ambulances, one dive rescue truck and trailer along with our marine unit consisting of several zodiac inflatable watercraft and a 22′ Boston Whaler boat.